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What  is NASDME?

NASDME (National Association of State Directors of Migrant Education) is the professional organization of state officials charged with the effective and productive management of supplemental programs that help migrant children succeed in school. NASDME provides its members ongoing information about policy developments and offers new members professional development, guidance, and counsel. It prepares publications to inform a wider audience about Migrant Education. It also represents the Migrant Education community in continuing dialogues with the Federal government.


NASDME annually sponsors a National Migrant Education Conference to provide professional development/training, leadership, and networking opportunities for all persons concerned with the education of migrant children.


NASDME Executive Board:

Dinh Nguyen, Florida


Shawn Cockrum, Missouri

Permanent Representatives

Juli Auld, California

Dinh Nguyen, Florida

Didi Garcia, Texas

Eastern Stream Representative

Zachary Taylor, South Carolina

Central Stream Representative

Jenifer Palmer, South Dakota

Western Stream Representative

Angela Branz-Spall, Montana

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