In order to help support the work that you all do every day, NASDME is now offering a package of dynamic webinars and other benefits, which will start immediately. We are calling this package the ¡Adelante! / Moving Forward! -- Migrant Education Benefit Package.


We hope this important package will serve as a substantive and inspiring benefit as has the National Conference in years past.


A major component of this Benefit Package is a special training series which includes a minimum of six cutting edge webinars of importance and practical use to migrant educators. These webinars will treat a variety of subjects, but will include innovative approaches, which can be used for summer and year-round Migrant Education Programs, for virtual learning, as well as other situations caused by the coronavirus pandemic. There will also be webinars in the area of Curriculum and Instruction, Identification and Recruitment, Law and Policy, and Food and Nutrition Issues. The webinar series will start early- to mid-July. More information on the specifics of this package is provided below.


This webinar series provides an important professional development opportunity for administrators, teachers, those who work with parent engagement, recruiters, and others.


For those of you who have been unable to register for or attend a National Conference recently, this package provides you an opportunity to get a valuable professional development experience without having to travel and you can benefit from the webinars from wherever you are working at this time (office or home).


In addition to this significant webinar series, this special benefit package will also provide support to the migrant education community and the migrant community at large in several other important ways. 

  • First, given the extraordinary coronavirus crisis and its disproportionate impact on the Latino community, producing great hunger and general food insecurity, which is worsening in the farmworker community, NASDME will provide contributions to 5 local food banks which directly serve migrant children and families, thereby directly supporting hundreds of migrant families. 

  • Second, we will provide support to the Dolores Huerta Foundation to commemorate Dolores' 90th Birthday on May 30 and to support the Foundation's important work in farmworker communities coping with hunger due to the pandemic, as well as other basic needs of these communities resulting from the pandemic.

  • Third, we will provide support to NASDME's Migrant Student Scholarship Program Fund. In spite of the fact that we are unable to hold the National Conference, NASDME is still providing substantial scholarships to worthy migrant high school students, scholarships which will allow them to pursue their dreams of a college education on their path to a satisfying and productive career.

  • Fourth, all paid National Conference registrants will be given a free one-year subscription to Language Magazine, a monthly publication for teachers, students, administrators, and others involved in the field of education. The publication states, "Through promoting multicultural learning, global citizenship, and language education, Language Magazine provides well-researched insight on the literacy and language sphere of education."


We hope we will be able to add additional benefits to this package as well in the coming weeks. It has taken us some time to carefully put together this benefit package which we hope is of interest to migrant educators nationwide. 


NASDME has incurred substantial costs in planning for the Albuquerque National Conference and, we hope folks will choose to subscribe to the Benefit Package so we can continue to provide future conferences, scholarships, and support for the farmworker and fishing communities, as well as being able to stay on top of policy developments of importance to the communities which we serve.


We hope that you will choose to support the community and the webinar series, as well as the other benefits of the Benefit Package.


The series of webinars will include sessions on the following topics by nationally recognized speakers:

  • A Model for How to Provide Meaningful Curriculum to Migrant Students Through Virtual Learning

  • Model Summer Programs

  • Identification and Recruitment Issues

  • Working with Parents to Maximize Children's Access to Education in this Age of Virtual Learning

  • The Rights of Immigrant Students and English Learners in the Public Schools in the Era of COVID -- Roger Rosenthal, Washington, DC

  • Parental Involvement

  • Toxic Stress in Migrant Children and Youth -- Dr. Javier Rosado, Immokalee, FL

  • Public Charge -- Roger Rosenthal, Washington, DC

  • Food and Nutrition Programs of Importance to Migrant Students and Families

  • History of the Migrant Education Program

To summarize:


If you would like to get access to the webinar series, get the free subscription to Language Magazine, and participate in the other elements of the ¡Adelante! / Moving Forward! -- Migrant Education Benefit Package, you may sign up for the Benefit Package by filling out the Subscription Form or online subscription and provide payment as indicated on the form or by subscribing directly online. We welcome your participation. 


As you can see, we are planning these webinars on Wednesdays -- calling the days "Webinar Wednesdays" -- so you can remember more easily the day of the week on which the webinars will be presented.

Please note: Each person subscribed to the Webinar Series will receive each week a separate, individual invitation to participate in each webinar. This invitation will not be transferable.


NASDME is already planning other webinars to come each week. Stay tuned for continuing announcements!