May 3 - 6, 2020

Albuquerque Convention Center

Sembrando semillas – Cultivando sueños


Planting seeds – Cultivating dreams

Status of the 2020 National Migrant Education Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Tuesday, April 14, 2020




These are very difficult times. Schools are out. Most states have stay-at-home orders and/or quarantines, and we have friends and family who are falling ill.


Of course, in the middle of this period is the planned National Migrant Education Conference in Albuquerque scheduled for May 3 to 6. As we have explained on our website previously, the status of the Conference was naturally in question due to the epidemic, but the hotels and the Albuquerque Convention Center were unwilling to release NASDME from our contracts with them without penalty.  


Such penalties would amount to a sum between half a million and a million dollars and would bankrupt the organization. These penalties would mean there would be no more national conferences sponsored by the organization, no more large college scholarships to deserving migratory students, no more support to the state directors, and no more following of policy developments of importance to the migrant community.


We are pleased and relieved to let you know that, finally, as of today, Tuesday, April 14, we have achieved release from these penalties by all the hotels and the Convention Center.


Therefore, with great sadness, we must inform you all that the National Conference scheduled for May 3 to 6 must be cancelled for everyone's health and welfare. We apologize again for the timing of this announcement, but as you see, we could not jeopardize the organization by cancelling before all parties agreed to allow us to do that without financial penalties. We trust that you understand.


So here are a few important things to know:


  • We are looking at the possibility of holding a video based conference in place of the in-person Conference. Other options include postponing the in person Conference until the very first week of December or postponing to a future year.

  • All hotels but one will be cancelling all the hotel reservations you all have made. For those who have reserved at the Hotel Andaluz, you must initiate the cancellation. Again, if you have reservations at the Hotel Andaluz, you must immediately cancel your room reservations or risk incurring a penalty of one night's stay. For all the room reservations at the other hotels, you (or the person whose email is listed in the reservation) should be receiving a confirmation of the cancellation from the hotel. We strongly urge you to contact the hotel if you do not get the cancellation notice/email. This is especially true if no email address was left or you did not book with the NASDME booking code.

  • NASDME cannot and will not be financially or legally responsible for any attendee who fails to cancel their room or who fails to ensure that such cancellation is made by the hotel.​

  • NASDME has not changed its refund policy regarding conference fees at this time. The organization will provide more information on this once a decision is made about rescheduling. Please do not inquire or make requests at this time regarding this issue since no more information is available.


Finally, we are looking at ways we and the community at large can help migratory families in this perilous time and we will be announcing these ideas when we announce the decision of how we move forward with this conference, as described above.


We hope and pray you are all staying safe and healthy. Let’s stay strong for the farmworker and fishing communities which are so vulnerable to the pandemic and often have

little access to health care

The National Migrant Education Conference is the premier conference for migrant education each year and is also the largest migrant conference of any type in the United States.

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